Hand Binding a Physical Portfolio

Several months ago, I was in the midst of hunting my first job since graduation. After sending out numerous number of application, I had finally landed the first interview. I had 5 days to prepare. The first thing that needed to be done was to print out the portfolio.

After watching the binding tutorial by YouTuber Sea Lemon, I was being experimental so I decided to print and bind the portfolio by myself to save some bucks from my miserable bank account. As always, I had taken the more complicated way 😅.

I printed in A4, made sure the front and back pages match. I trimmed, ensured everything was aligned. I marked the spot, and poked holes one by one using needle. Finally, the step to bind the portfolio.

Binded Portfolio

Using normal needles and my bare hands, I managed to finish everything in 2 days. The end product looks like braiding and I was really happy with it.

During my academic years, it was not unusual that I spend 18~20 hours a day sitting at my desk, staring at my computer, working my ass off, sleeping 4~6 hours in the morning, trying to produce legit sh*t to present to my professor. Throughout the years, I begin to appreciate trivial things in life, such as being able to eat without rushing, sleep regularly, spend time to experiment with whatever I want to, also to set out new goals and achieve them.

It makes me ponder, how many people there are living the same routine everyday, sitting on the same chair in the office, working on the same task over and over, have actually already gotten so used to the mundane, repeating pattern, that the thought of ‘experimenting’ or ‘changing’ has not even flashed once in their mind.

After I settle in the working environment, will I still be able to remember the exhilaration and satisfaction of challenging new things?




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